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Best Spin Bikes For Home 2019: Reviews


In this hectic schedule of work we often neglect our health, and ignore the responsibility towards health. A healthy body is very necessary to maintain a healthy and fresh mind. Many of the table job employees get their belly out before time and this is very odd to the personality. Being overweight has many health issues such with diabetes being the most common. Now, in order to maintain health cycling is a very crucial and Best workouts exercise using spin bikes at Home. Rather than spending huge bucks in gyms and still not getting the desired weight it is better to regularly cycle and reduce weight. Noting down names of 3 top rated cycles which have so far receiver best spin bike reviews.

  1. Sunny health pro cycling bike- It’s a multi featured bike which suits many people. The bike is perfectly designed for people with weight issues and its limit ranges from 108-275 pounds. The best feature of the bike is its advanced resistance. The bike provides affective resistance and minimal sound is heard. The pedals of the cycle are secured for different feet sizes and everyone is comfortable in cycling.
  2. Exerpeutic Folding bike- The exerpeutic company of cycling bikes is a top favorite because of its price factor. The bikes are affordable by the users as well their prices are within the limits. Plus, they have the advanced digital meter which displays distance covered, time spent, calories burnt and magnitude of power applied on the pedals. Plus, it also has sensors which display the heart rate of the cycler at the time of cycling. It can afford weights upto 300 pounds and is made of good materials. Thus, it is very durable and compact. Its strength lies in its body which is made of top metal.
  3. Exerpeutic 900XL Bike- This bike is ideal for those who want to be in a relaxed state while cycling and this is the reason why it comes under best spin bike reviews. Though the bike doesn’t have too many technological features but it is very compact. The pedals have been made so that they don’t slip away and thus are comfortable to the user.

Whatsapp – Connect with your friends anytime, anywhere


The modern rise of internet technology has brought a new way of texting your contacts. Earlier texting used to be very monotonous with only alphanumeric texts and some emoticons. Founded in January 2009 by Brian Acton, the instant messaging and social media application gained much popularity among the users thereby discarding the conventional messaging and Facebook messenger to a great extent. The messenger contains a large number of emoticons and the provision to send multimedia messages over the phone like audios, photos, videos, and documents. Later on, California based Whatsapp Inc was acquired by Facebook in February 2014. Users can now update their status (photo or written), add a display picture, update the about info, create groups, share links and even block contacts as they wish.

How to create an account with WhatsApp?

Creating an account with WhatsApp involves simple steps and the usage is also very simple with an interactive guide helping out during the start. There are two versions on which you can register. Let us first take a look at the mobile app.

  1. Go to the Google play store and search for WhatsApp
  2. Click on the install button to download the application from the Google play store. Since the messenger is a freeware, no costs are involved in the download or installation.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the messenger app where a new tab will open up which asks you to enter your mobile number. Please do make sure that your phone has a SIM card in it.
  4. As you enter the number, a one-time password (OTP) will be generated and sent to your mobile.
  5. Enter the OTP and verify. After verification, you are registered to use the WhatsApp messenger and use it to chat with your friends.

If you want to connect your PC to WhatsApp, then you can follow the following steps:

  1. Download bluestacks software or a simulator that helps you to download and run Android applications on your PC.
  2. Install the WhatsApp messenger after downloading it and open.
  3. Enter your mobile number and you will receive an OTP on your registered SIM.
  4. Type in the OTP and verify your account. Now you are good to go.

How to use Whatsapp Web?

Whatsapp web is another way to use your WhatsApp account on your PC. Learn More about Whatsapp Web, This is possible when you have installed the app on your phone but want to use it on your desktop. Just follow these simple steps.

Download VShare from Cydia on iPhone & iPad


An app store is an online portal which is aimed at providing any and all virtual applications for your mobile and laptop devices by curating them in one form factor. Not only is it convenient to find every application in one such platform, the entirety of being able to download anything by just searching and clicking a button is just terrific. Every possible ecosystem of software like Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, etc. all has their very own stock App Stores in the wake of providing better functionalities to the devices bought by their customer base. Not only do these tech giants control what goes up on their stock App Stores, but they also make sure all the applications featured meet their community and privacy guidelines to provide the best applications and services to their customer base.

NOTE: Here are Cydia Tweaks iOS 13.5 compatible with Unc0ver 5.0.x jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. A Complete guide for download Vshare and install it. Here is Vshare Cydia repo and video guide to learn using Vshare.

However, if the user isn’t satisfied with the number or quality of apps available on the stock stores, they have an option of choosing third-party app stores. This doesn’t mean that you can delete the stock app stores, but you have an option of finding and downloading more applications using the third-party portals. Some of the third-party app stores are Amazon App Store, Cydia (for jailbroken iOS devices), and vShare. This entire article revolves around how vShare works and how you can get it to work on your iOS, Android, Windows, etc operating devices.

Installing vShare

vShare is a third-party application store in the form of an online portal which lets users download the highlighted and rare applications on their iOS, Android, or Windows devices. It can easily be defined as an online marketplace of the applications which aren’t available on the stock app stores provided by the tech giants and even other third-party app store providers. It is the free application which can be downloaded onto your phone or laptop from the web and it supports a ton of operating software for the convenience of users.

Even the applications present in the vShare store are free to download and use. Some of the apps available are related to gaming, social media, music, video players, other media-related content, etc. One positive thing about vShare is that the user doesn’t need to have any root access for their Android device or a jailbroken iOS device. Just download the web file and install it on your device for an effective and efficient way of downloading applications which aren’t available otherwise.

VidMate YouTube Videos Download for Free


Vidmate Video Downloader can be an extremely handy application if you'd like to download a video at the moment and watch it later. Actually, Vidmate Video Downloader may also be utilized as a content hub, if you merely wish to watch content from several websites under the identical umbrella. So if you're looking for the best video downloader for downloading videos and songs at no cost, then I will advise you to use the Vidmate app.

You may easily download Vidmate app on your Android phone as it is wholly free. Vidmate app isn't available in Play store to download straight in your android or ios device. Vidmate install PC has the ability to download videos from quite a great deal of competing websites.

Trust me, it is quite simple to download videos in Vidmate. In the past section, you also have learned the best way to download videos in Vidmate. The videos that are available on Vimeo can likewise be downloaded through Tubemate.

Movies are available not just in English, but in addition to hindi, Bengali, and lots of other regional languages. So, using vidmate on PC it is possible to download as many as movies with no price tag. The individuals keep on searching movies and videos that they wish to watch, sometimes they may not receive the file they are browsing for. Downloading movies or videos in vidmate is quite an easy endeavor.

It is possible to easily download videos. You are able to download the videos at a quick pace without needing to wait around for a number of minutes. Utilizing this Vidmate for Android app you may download any videos from any websites easily with no struggles. After the video appears, there'll be an option to begin the download immediately. Downloading videos is extremely easy as users just need to press the download button and pick the file format and size.

The Most Addictive Android Games


Android smartphones come with the ability for users to play games using touchscreen technology. Before, these games had a low graphic quality but this has been quickly rectified. Now, games that were popular on symbian and Java phones have now been made compatible with Android devices.  This includes football games (Real Football, Football Manager, PES, FIFA), adventure and combat games (Prince of Persia, Mission Impossible, Mortal Kombat, Die Hard) and simulation games (Get Rich or Die Tryin, Art of War, Earth and Legend).

Other games have been added to the market and these include Temple Run, Candy Crush, NBA Live. The point of this is, there has never been a better time to be a gamer.  And with the fact that a lot have new Android phones have large RAMs, you can run a lot of high quality games on your Android device.  A number of these games have proved to be very addictive indeed. Gaming applications like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Candy Crush took the world by storm when they were launched.
Some of the most addictive Android games over the years have been:

Piano Tiles 2

Well, this is probably because the game is all about making music. The idea of the game is pretty simple, a number of black and white tiles will scroll past your screen.  All you have to do is tap on the black tiles as they scroll past. If you accidentally taps on a white tile, well, game over. The more you progress, the faster the tiles scroll past.  You have to be really good to get to the end of this game because it has over 200 levels!


You play with opponents from another question and they quiz you. This game has a lot of categories for you to choose from.  Your score is calculated based on how many questions you answer right.  You have the ability to invite opponents. So of you have a pen pal in Sudan, all he needs is an Android phone and you get to have a nice time on QuizUp. It is a free challenging Quiz game, where you meet your opponent from different countries. Smash Hit.

Judging by the name, the game can only be about hitting stuff. No wonder the game is addictive. Who does not like smashing things? In this game, you smash obstacles by throwing balls against them before they hit you. Your score increases with every smashed obstacle.  Your game is terminated when you run out of balls to throw or when the obstacles make contact with you. There are two versions of this game available: the free and the upgraded version.  In the free version, you have to start from the very first level each time the game ends. The upgraded version, however, allows you to start from the very level the game ends.

Tunnel Trouble 3D

You have to maneuver the jet in a tunnel filled with obstacles. Your job is to make sure that the jet does not run into any of the obstacles. Also, the game allows you to pull off some neat moves and maneuvers. It has two gaming modes: mine mode and survival mode. Survival mode is the easier of the two.
One of the features of this game that has been praised by reviewers is the fact that it offers players an amazing 3D gaming experience.  Also, it is one of the few addictive games that give you the opportunity to score high.



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Word Search

The aim is for you to pick out some pre identified words from a jumble of letters. You have to race against a timer. The more words you discover before time runs out, the higher your eventual score.


This is one of a few brain tasking games that manage to be addictive.  It helps to build your memory and sharpen your wits.  It is a multiplayer game that allows between 2 to 4 players at a time. The scores is calculated in this game by the number of completed levels.

Brain It On

This Android game also tasks the brain but it does not do so with words or images. Brain It On is a game that challenges the gamer with complex physics puzzles.  This game has been said to make the players addicted to solving puzzles. In some quarters, this could be a good thing. This game serves to increase your thinking capacity and in the process, you will have a crash course in the concepts of logical and basic physics.  The scores is calculated by your response time in solving the puzzles. As you progress to higher levels, the tasks get more complicated.

Subway Surfers

Your character here is a kid who has to escape from a pursuing guard and his dog. You race through the titular subway and collect some cool bonuses on the way.  Your character runs on an hoverboard and with it, you collects coins, gems and keys by running into them. You also have to option of purchasing upgrades and unlocking new characters from the application's inbuilt store. Remember that hoverboard I mentioned, well, you can change it to a nitro powered hoverboard with just 5000 coins. Some reviewers claim that this game is repetitive, that it is just a variation of the popular Temple Run application. Whatever the verdict maybe though, Subway Surfers still happens to be one of the most popular and most addictive Android gaming apps available.

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